14 thoughts on “Star of the Morning (Haiku)

    1. This was one of those weird occasions where the whole thing popped right into my head–BAM! I get that sometimes, a flash and then the words just seem to write themselves. A strange way to write, but when it happens….a gift!


      1. Kirsten

        It is a beautiful gift that you have! I love when my poems write themselves 🙂 The April Poetry Form page is up. I just need to find a “Y” poem.


        1. Your page is remarkable. How long did it take for you to do this? I cant wait to read your pieces as some of these poetry forms are hard to follow without an example. April will be an exciting month!


        1. LOL….we are two of a kind….and the exact same age too 🙂 Are you going to do the poem a day with her poetry forms page? Did you see it? I cant believe all the work she put into it! I don’t think I have time for a poem a day but I will try some of her forms in my ‘spare time’.


          1. no, i am not able to do a poem a day at this time…a rather long explanation, but i already feel stretched like Gumby most days. if i forced myself to write a poem a day, it might eventually look like this:

            Baby, baby, baby, oooo
            baby, baby, baby, oooo



            1. Hey, that’s a good start! Worse songs than that have been written. You have to quit sleeping 14 hours a day first! Your nature walks should give you plenty of material for at least one….. 🙂 Sigh, I understand the gumby thing….


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