Tangled Regrets

I find that the simple little songs have the most impact on me.  The first time I heard this little tune from the movie Tangled I was completely hooked.  Both its haunting tune and lyrics seemed to call out the story of my life.

The recording is mine, done on a simple computer with a basic app and a simple microphone.  I love to sing but “fate” did not allow me to pursue it.  Well, it did for a short time while I had cancer a number of years ago but then I was stupid and tried to push my range too far too fast and injured it pretty good– and then gave up as I always do.  While I was in training, I was told my a number of music professionals that I had the best natural tone they had ever heard.  But pursuing an art isnt just about skill.  It is mostly perseverence and time.

That being said, this song suits my voice pretty well although I dont have a strong voice in lower key, but even still its simplicity makes us a good match.  The more I sing this the more I realize what genius is packed into 50 seconds.