Unicorn Dreams

I ride the wind on Unicorn dreams……..

Unsighted eyes view truth within.

Slipping through misted moonbeams;

Filtered light caresses’ incandescent skin.

You touch my hair with ancient horn….

a surging moment of magical delight….

Pure joy purges feelings forlorn!

We meander through slumberous night…..

Hands encircled around your face;

Foreheads join as gentle tears flow.

Misery drawn out with noble grace

as Beauty fills my minds’ dark hole.

Innocence chisels stygian thoughts apart.

Enchantment appeases this sorrowing soul.

For Fantasy heals fragile….forsaken….heart.


Uni–One  Coru–horn

I adore unicorns.  My room as a teen was a unicorn paradise.  I believe that unicorns are an extinct animal that once roamed the earth!  Yes, I am a creature of pure imagination!  I love this picture.  It gave me a shock when I first saw it.  I felt like a generation had slipped away on one instant as memories of my posters and pictures and figurines threw me a quarter century back in time. It would have been perfect for my teenage room as it was dark-blue and white, and I decorated it with dark blue and white unicorn posters.


9 thoughts on “Unicorn Dreams

    1. Thank you! I love this picture! Unicorns are my favorite creature. I wrote this when I was very sad one day, wishing for my own unicorn. Wishing for the essence of their wisdom and beauty and innocence to seep into me. And for a short time, after I wrote it, I felt it. The power of words.


  1. Kirsten

    Exquisite! You have such a wonderful gift. I always look forward to reading your poems. Unicorns…I love them…I want one, please!!


    1. Mee tooo….I think they really were around once upon a time. After all, the Bible mentions the horn of the unicorn, so the concept of one has been around for a very long time.


        1. Greg sent me a cartoon called Heavenly Nostrils about a girl and her unicorn. It is too cute for words, and I am a follower now! And, better yet, he has a “U” Pleiades coming out soon, about…guess what? And thanked me for the idea! For once, I inspired HIM! LOL!


          1. Kirsten

            I stand in awe of him! He spits out these amazing poems that would make the masters bow! He should really publish, if he hasn’t already!


            1. I suggested it and he said NO WAY. Heck, I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to get him to do a video with him saying the poetry…..which he is finally considering, probably because I nag so much about it–LOL! I keep trying to get him to sign up for poetry reading where he goes every Friday but THAT has gotten nowhere. While he can speak his IT teckie stuff in front of students, he CANNOT get up and say his poetry…..so he tells me. Someday you and I need to visit him, get him a little liquored up and push his tall skinny butt in front of the audience! And then videotape it–hahahahaha!


  2. “almost paradise…we’re running to heaven’s door…almost paradise…my unicorn will soar…and fly away…so high…almost paradise…”

    by the way, your fairy is much too sexy…i am afraid i may have dreams about her… lol


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