Sharp Words (Cinquain)

Sharp tongue–
blade thrusts deeply,
a mercilous home strike.
Hands on mouth, remorse negates scene–

I sometimes feel like this little girl.  If tears could leave scars my face would be unrecognizable, both from giving and receiving harsh words.  It is in moments of stress that we must take the most care over what we say to others.  And I, with impulsive need, must be twice as careful.


Cinquain: A Cinquain is written using a pattern. This type of poem only has five lines. Each line follows a specific pattern.

Line 1: 2 syllables Line 2: 4 syllables Line 3: 6 syllables Line 4: 8 syllables Line 5: 2 syllables


eX Poetry–eXtricate Life

eXcrement on your tongue
eXcise frosted memories
eXtricated relationship
eXalt found freedom
eXtringuish yearned lost love

My amazing friend  from Kirstin Uninterrupted is writing a poem a day for April poetry month and is using a new poetry form each day alphabetically.  She could not find any poetry form for X so challenged guru poet from Memoirs of a Dragon to create one. True to his genius, he “whipped up” an X poetry form!  Here are the rules, as quoted by the Dragon Himself:
“Since ‘X’ is the 24th letter in the alphabet, and it is also a perfect multiplier of 2, 3 and 4 the number of words in each line should be ascending and then descending….
2 or 4
4 or 2
2 or 4
So that when you go up or down, to the middle, it multiplies out to .. 24!
2x3x4 = 24
4x3x2 = 24
And there must be 5 lines…so a nice little ‘hidden’ sequence of 2,3,4,5 all in a nice short poem! Ah, the math teacher in me … emerges!! LOL!
And to make it a bit more interesting, the ‘HEART’ of the poem, which are the middle 2 words of the ‘heart’ of the poem, should also be .. THE TITLE of the poem!
And by now, the hidden theme within the ‘X’ of the poem should reflect … an EX relationship, or as I might shyly title it….. ‘ eX Poetry’ with the capital letter, on the X, not the e!!!
And if possible, an optimistic ending, for ALL OF US who have experienced an ‘eX’ of any kind and truly need and want, to be optimistic about our futures.”

AWESOME job G! I loved creating this and I added a twist of my own–all first words must start with eX!  AND….it must look like an X!

Greyscale (Acrostic)

Grief, inherently mine,
Reaches into my mind’s
Eye, as color-leached
Yearning fades to greys.
Softened, muted, faded me,
Collated from a series of
Aging events, articulates
Loss, unleavened and undefined.
Eternally greyscaled, my disordered mind.

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Acrostic: a poetry form where the first letter in the line spells out a word by the end of the poem that is related to the theme of the rhyme.

Clarion (Acrostic)

Clarion call
Lingers in my heart
Amidst the death nell of lost dreams
Ringing tones with loud purity
I raise my voice to answer
Only a whisper on the wind……
Notes lost in time

Clarion call

Acrostic: a poetry form where the first letter in the line spells out a word by the end of the poem that is related to the theme of the rhyme.


photo credit: Pryere via photopin cc

Unicorn Dreams

I ride the wind on Unicorn dreams……..

Unsighted eyes view truth within.

Slipping through misted moonbeams;

Filtered light caresses’ incandescent skin.

You touch my hair with ancient horn….

a surging moment of magical delight….

Pure joy purges feelings forlorn!

We meander through slumberous night…..

Hands encircled around your face;

Foreheads join as gentle tears flow.

Misery drawn out with noble grace

as Beauty fills my minds’ dark hole.

Innocence chisels stygian thoughts apart.

Enchantment appeases this sorrowing soul.

For Fantasy heals fragile….forsaken….heart.


Uni–One  Coru–horn

I adore unicorns.  My room as a teen was a unicorn paradise.  I believe that unicorns are an extinct animal that once roamed the earth!  Yes, I am a creature of pure imagination!  I love this picture.  It gave me a shock when I first saw it.  I felt like a generation had slipped away on one instant as memories of my posters and pictures and figurines threw me a quarter century back in time. It would have been perfect for my teenage room as it was dark-blue and white, and I decorated it with dark blue and white unicorn posters.