Spark (Fibonacci)


lights up


Vision awakens

 as neurotransmitters ignite.

This energy releases to surrounding neurons

as images coalesce into fireworks of concussive epiphany.

A fibonacci for your July 4th celebrations.  Epiphany feels like the spark that turns into a firework to me.

Fibonacci:  a non-rhyming poem structured with the Fibonacci sequence (0 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 etc).  Fibonacci sequence is adding the two prior numbers together to get the new number.   If one starts at “zero” then the first two lines are single syllable. Most poems stop at 13 syllables for the last line.  


Manic Moments (monostitch)

Manic Moments Materialize Most Mornings; Mediates Marginal Mediocrity

Soooo….huh?  I was trying to say in one sentence how I seem to go at full speed then slow down to sloth pace throughout most mornings using only M words.  I dont think this worked but trying is part of the process.

Monostitch: a one lined poem