My hands are encased in fleshly ice;
in a never ending land of winter’s bane.
I have rolled a gambler’s unlucky dice
colored the blue of royal veins.
These symptoms are the price;
Raynaud’s has come to me again.
My nerveless dexterity, imprecise,
as I rub out the neuropathic pain.
My fingers, the hue of beets sliced,
ruddy red with arterial strain!
If I could this condition excise…
A thought that does entice.

I am a mummy wrapped up tight against the loss of sensation in my fingers.  Raynauds is a condition where arterial blood flow shuts down to certain areas of the body in cold conditions.  Fingers are most commonly affected.  The affected area of the body looks frostbitten and are either numb or intensely painful.  I am a prisoner inside on cold days.  I dread getting stuck on the road, for my car heater isn’t even sufficient enough to keep the symptoms from causing the blood flow to shut down.