Rapid Ruminations Tanka

Cognition scatters

Cyclonic thoughts ebb and flow

Covert turmoil brings
A cacophony of sound
A centrifugal vortex
∼ ∞ ∼
A tanka is an unrhymed Japenese poem with 5 lines in a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure.
I may be silent but what is in my head is as loud as a violent tornado…….

Failure Senryu

Smeared with failures’ dung

dashed power of one

my castrated life

                                                                           ∼ ∞ ∼

I am embalmed in a bit of self pity right now as it appears that my career as a nurse is over due to ill health.  Nursing is a field not friendly to health problems and limitations.  

Dream Lover (Fibonacci)

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My /


turns misty/

with longing as your/

tobacco edged, warm brandied tones/

swirl my senses with their cockney’d inflections and/

I am driven with desire to  unpart the curtain of hated space and time


will myself into your solid presence

so that I may be transcended into bliss as you

whisper into my ear, my beloved friend, my English dream-lover 

I love Engish accents and I can relate to the hilarious scene in a “Fish Called Wanda” where Wanda is having an ecstatic moment while John Cleese is speaking in Russion.  Ok, I dont get the Russion but English accents make me want to swoon.  This is part pure fantasy and part dedication to my good English friend who turns my knees to jelly with “hello”.  Thank you for being so very very….you.

Fibonacci:  a non-rhyming poem structured with the Fibonacci sequence (0 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 etc).  Fibonacci sequence is adding the two prior numbers together to get the new number.   If one starts at “zero” then the first two lines are single syllable. Most poems stop at 13 syllables for the last line.  

Frenemy (Pleiades)

Fiduciary friend…

Fickle tide turns around

Flock to ambitions’ trends

Fictitious fandango

Fluctuational slaps

Forked covert tongue extends

Fucks me from end to end….

Harsh eh?  There are people in my life, people I politically have to ‘friend’ that I will never, NEVER understand.  I will never be adept to dancing to a tune that can change in a measure.  I will never get used to those 180 ° turns, those subtle slaps that some people can deal just because they can.

The thirst for absolute power corrupts absolutely.

 Pleiades: Seven lines, six syllables each line.  The first word of the sentence matches the first word in the single title.









I conscripted you

with immersive

 yet spurious


a tsunami of

concocted affection,

as I swept away

your torrents of resentment

with false pretense.

Now our relationship,

a farcical lean-to,

an unbolted façade,

sways precariously

with each mendacious huff,

each empty puff of air.

We shore up our fragile shelter

and bolt down empty promises

with the brightness of “someday”.

Photoluminescence (Tanka)

Eyes gleam in the dark!

Photoluminescent glow


with diamond crystalline depths…

a cat on the prowl for food.

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Ò     Ó

I love what I call “photoluminent” art.  I don’t know the real word for it, but that word evokes a perfect image for me, so that is what I call it.  And I love that poetry takes meaning from imagery and not accuracy!

picture: hdwallpapers.im

Tanka:  5 lines with a 5/7/5/7/7 syllabic count

Pretense Fibonacci




 dip my lips

in a boiling vat

of poisonous lies as I swear

allegiance to these egomaniac psychopaths?

But O! Treacherous brain! Weary of political insanity, I long to flee………

Inevitably as the new day dawns I peel away the acrid flesh, re-painting a veneer crooked as the pretenses they espouse…..

Wow. You are wondering what bee got into my bonnet?  Don’t you ever feel the same way but just cannot express it?  We say we have free speech, but you and I know that we do not in some areas of our lives.  At least not without severe consequences.  I feel like much of my life is lived as an abused fish in a very small, dirty fishbowl.  I definitely needed a poetic laxative 🙂 and this, er, spilled out as a Fibonacci.  I have never created a Fib out to 34 syllables, so this is a first for me.  It was rife with technical goof ups, but in the end says what I meant it to relate.

Fibonacci: popularized in 2006 by poet Greg Pincus, who used the Fibonacci sequence as lines in a poem.  The fib sequence uses the prior 2 numbers to create the next number: 0/ 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.