Thankfulness from the Heart

We say we are thankful

when bellies are filled with food.

Then let the game score

fill us with “foulsome” moods.

But thankfulness from the heart

is not edited and thrown on the floor

It is about a gratitude in attitude,

and not changed by referee charts,

nor fizzled by gossip and spite,

nor smothered by mouths that are smart,

nor ruined by an unsavory mate.

For these above are really hidden hate!

True thankfulness is from a heart that is right.

Humbled by humanity’s suffering state;

Troubled by hunger’s sharp darts;

Eager to rejoice in bounty and replicate;

To give God the glory, to share and relate

that without keeping Jesus in sight,

thankfulness is dry dust on a dry plate……

The title to this post is from a verse in the Book of Psalms.  As part of Thanksgiving folklore, we are told that the Pilgrims, a devoutly harsh and depressing Christian sect, sat down with people they did not like (yes, not very Christian of them) and ate the harvest bounty.  Later this story was immortalized with an annual Thanksgiving holiday.  As with all holidays, most of the meaning dries up and is forgotten over the years, and the trappings that are associated are the real attraction.

Note to self: If I create a holiday, make it glittery and full of stuff people like to do or it will “go by the way of the Do-Do bird”.  Veteran’s Day is a good example.  Some people get the day off like banks and the government (but not Veterans…interesting…..) but otherwise it is not universally celebrated unless it means something personal to you because there are no goodies attached. This may sound mean and “scroogie”, but it isn’t my intention.  I am merely pointing out the foibles of human nature.

As a Christian, Thanksgiving is meant to be a harbinger of Christ’s birth: be thankful for His mercies and contemplate the blessing of His birth in the upcoming four weeks.  And I do, or I try to.  But what I have found is that the trappings of the holidays seduce me into celebrating the good food or awesome parties or secret Santa’s instead the simple meaning behind “we do what we do” during this time of year.  And frankly I am tired of all the glitter and gold.  My favorite holiday was one Christmas when I refused to do any of the stuff a good Christmas observer is supposed to do, and I sat at home, quietly, with a good fire and a warm cat on my lap, thanking God for the birth of Jesus, whatever part of the year that actually was.

Instead of feeling tired and burned out, I was refreshed and joyous.  And that is what a holiday should do to people.  I love the idea of Advent, where one gives less gifts to each other and gives more to charities.  While the thought of Advent puts fear into the heart of merchants, the money spent on a gift that will most likely be re-gifted, or broken, or returned (or many other unsavory and unintended verbs) is now used to improve a person’s situation.  And yes, some charities are not on the up and up, so choosing carefully is necessary.  But a gift of your time, whether it is to a church, charity, homeless shelter or hundreds of other worthy causes, is something that can’t be broken, lost, forged, stolen….and benefits all.


Rekindling the Flame

In prophesy, the love of many will grow cold

yet I watch in silence as hate unfolds

for this heart, lukewarm, does weakly beat

and blood congeals with lack of heat.

I hear the words that pastor speaks

as I sit, frozen, week after week

and through it all I dutifully pray

for there must be a better way.

For apathy is a road to hell

and paves our souls in a concrete shell!

This apathy state, once fortold

is what makes our hearts grow cold.

 I think of others who, in secret, worship You

 in persecution , yet remain faithful and true.

These great warriors in battle,  in constant danger

boldly share Christ’s message to strangers .

 While we fatten ourselves on our free Christian feast,

yet hide Jesus’ message like lean ferrel beasts,

gorging on fast-food religion for health

our Bibles hoarded, unread on our shelf.

Our country is “free” but God’s light poorly glows!

Harvesting souls for Christ?  Boring and slow!

Off-shore banks stuffed with earthly wealth

as gluttony lulls us with languid stealth.

Oh Lord, sweep out the ashes from a fire now cold!

Rekindle our flame for your message untold!

Give us zeal to witness in tones loud and bold:

“Jesus our Saviour has  broken sin’s hold!

Jesus our Savior has broken sin’s hold!”

I support Open Doors, an international Christian organization dedicated to fighting persecution and assisting persecuted Christians.  Persecution is rampant and, in some areas of the world, near complete genocide.  I know this is not told in the news, but it is real and very frightening for anyone of faith.  No matter your religion, annihilating one group is a step toward annihilating yours.  The Bible prophesied mass persecution of Christians in the final Last Days, yet another sign that the time is near.  The Bible prophesied that the love of many will grow cold.

For those of us who still enjoy religious freedom, hold it precious for it is fleeting and will slip away before you know it.  The best defense is prayer and evangelism.  The elect are still out there waiting to be told the Good News.

Apathy is a gate to the road of hate.

Set Me Free

I know you had a plan for me;

I chose my path so stubbornly!

Now looking back my road is black.

I cannot change this path without Thee.

Body broken, mind unsound;

I’ve given up, there’s no more ground.

A twisted path is all I see–

Oh dearest Lord please help me.

Please wake me up, un-taint my heart!

Straighten my road, perfect my part.

Revise my plan, help me to stand

and keep me safe from Satan’s hand.

Lord, make my dark road white as snow.

Forgive my sins, restore my soul.

Purify my heart and make it whole.

Set me free that I may show

Other sinners the way to go.

While  I cannot speak for other Christians, my life road has been rather rocky with both physical and mental disorders.  I wrote this a long time ago when I was gripped with issues related to Borderline Personality Disorder.  At the time, I didnt know what was wrong, and God in His mercy has allowed me to be diagnosed and treated.  Just because one is a Christian doesn’t mean that one has perfect mental health.  God heals whom He will, and for others He plans to use your problem or condition to further His will.  Seek His will and be ready for the call.

Distraction Attraction


Our electronic life, so full of attraction!

All worldly wonders now a click away.

When gone, panic is our first reaction;

Each minute like hours without our “play”.


Time now filled with manic distraction

with little of it left to be quiet and pray.

We don’t realize the actual fraction

withdrawn from time with God every day.


Beware, Satan’s title is  “Lord of the Air”!

He controls this seductive electronic parade

and flies with glib glee on every air wave,

tainting hearts that could otherwise be saved.


We blindly feast on our entertainment crave

as his media slithers down the evil grade.

With sly patience he addicts the TV slave’s;

Brainwashed, few see what he has made.

He is the master of lies; we have been played.


Wake up and listen to every word said!

“Background noise” allows him in;

He is whispering his lies into your head

and tempting even the strongest to sin.


I used to think that technology and devices werent inherantly evil, but I am starting to think otherwise, as they have no inherant moral compass and tends to lead Christians away from spending time with the Lord and others.  Reading Christian blogs is not spending time with the Lord and others.  Yes, I am using a blog to encourage you to get off of it and spend time with the Lord and others!  I see the irony!

In my own life, I must be ever vigilant that Satan will do all he can to distract and cause me to spend less time in worship and prayer and more time in fruitless pursuits.  I used to be a devoted gamer, but I realized that I had to put my faith and morals in the backseat in order to take on the role of mage or healer etc and perform lawless acts in order to get good stuff.  That mirrors what Satan wants to do in reality.  And what one practices will infiltrate one’s mind, either in indifference or outright rebellion to God’s authority and rule.  These last few months have allowed many to re-focus on neglected parts of their life.  I hope you have had some time to do this for yourself.

So I will try, and I hope you will think about who or what is driving you in your own life. 

And God Bless Us, Everyone.



Unsynched Pendulum

Un-synched synaptic pendulum
An off-beat neuronal flow
Inherited from genetic lines
Disequilibrium my eternal woe

Pivotal weight heavy and sad
For long periods swinging slow
Hiding this emotional meanness
Time hangs heavy when it swings low

Light weight frantically swings
Soaring on my mental fly
Judgment goes out the door
“I am my own high”

Thank God for His mercies!
For when I focus on Him
The demons fade and grow dim
And, for now, a short term win.

The highs and lows of severe emotional intensity and emotional dysregulation makes every day a hard-fought battle.  It is exhausting.  I really cant wait until I am perfected in Jesus.  He is my light, my salvation, my forgiveness.  He keeps me going and gives me hope and purpose for each day.  Thank you Lord.

Purposeful Life (Senryu)

Our reason for life

God’s beloved creation

Worship gives purpose

This is why we are here.  I hope that you will find this truth in your life someday.  For me, kicking myself out of the drivers’ seat and placing Jesus there has transformed my life.  Keep searching and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth of the gospel.

Senryu: same as Haiku in structure but theme is related to feelings and relationships



As I gaze upon the sunrise,

God’s promise, renewed each morning!

These gorgeous,  multi-hued skies

lost to souls weary and scorning.

Each sunrise daily shows Your Glory!

This wonder renewed, viewed by all eyes,

unappreciated by the lost and forlorn.

Few thank You for this glorious prize.

But fewer men, your finest creation,

praise You daily; your gift of salvation

unknown to these unsaved nations

who daily rise, their unwelcome yoke

hot as flame, heavy with despair.

Unaware that Jesus, in agony, broke

Satan’s hold as Lord of the Air.

Few now seek you in prayer.

Hearts, black with hate, do not care,

rejecting gifts You renew and repair.

We trash your creation, living for cash,

hoping that riches will heal the ache.

Billions of lost, angry, unsaved souls

do not understand what can create

a renewed life, a spirit fully whole.

Belief in Your sacrifice will make

a Son Rise that all can appreciate.

The Good News of the Gospel transcends time.  May you be renewed and rest in Jesus (Yeshua) finished work on the Cross.

Passion in Gethsemane

The poem below imagines Jesus’ prayer to His Heavenly Father asking God to take the upcoming suffering away from Him.  I can’t imagine the wrenching pain this separation caused to Our Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Son but I know it was a singular event that became the bridge that is our only connection back to Jehovah.  I hope you have a blessed Good Friday and remember Jesus’ great sacrifice for us.

Oh Father, take this cup from me

My dearest Son, you will set mankind free.

Father may Your Will be done….

You will knit the breach, my Son

Father, My tears fall like bloody rain!

I cannot bear the spiritual pain

and I am afraid, this body so frail.

My Son, you will not fail!

Your sacrifice is the final end

and a perfect, permanent mend.

Is there no other way?

Keep the faith dear Son, do not stray.

I will do as you command.

Soon, by My right hand you will stand.


The burdensome sin of man

almost breaks me. Please hold my hand.

But at some point I must let you go.

Leaving me will tear my soul you know,

for we have never been apart.

Turning my back will break my heart!

But have faith my Son, this will soon be done.

And I will hold you close when we have won.

Satan’s hold on earth will break;

hold on for our creation’s sake.

You will free them from their sin!

Your sacrifice the final, perfect win.

Tethered (Triquain)

Tethered Heart

Grounding my Paupered Soul

Forever Bound by Undeserved Grace

Spiritual Strength in this World of Insanity

Purposeful Life, Wanderless No More

My Hope and Redeemer


Triquain: The Triquain, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem with several creative variances and can be a rhyming or non-rhyming verse. The simpliest form is a poem made up of 7 lines with syllables of 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, and 3 in this order.

Letting Go (Senryu)

Disordered Living

A struggle against lifes’ flow

Take His hand; let go

I have been in DBT therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder.  It is so very hard, but I am trying to let go.  With the help of God’s grace and faith and the Bible I hope to put on the “new man” as Paul describes it and be a model of Jesus in the future.

Senryu: same as Haiku structure but the theme is generally related to relationships or feelings while Haiku stresses nature