Detritus (Haiku)

Animals consume

trash discarded carelessly

snuffing out their life

This bird died full of bits of trash on an island 2000 miles from any shoreline. The colored pieces are trash from it’s intestines.


I ache for the innocent consumers of our wastefulness.  How much more does our Creator God who entrusted us as stewards?  How many of these birds will die from our carelessness?  While it seems overwhelming and helpless, small changes can make an impact. 

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Reflections on a Sneeze (Humor Haiku)

Sharp, short burst of air

Nostril clearing dance with death

Clarity again

I have been sneezing up to 15 times in a row.  Yes I count them, they feel a little like a seizmic event.  Big harsh ugly sneezes that rattle my bones.  So why not interject a little humor in the experience?  I am sure at some point in time you can relate!

Haiku: three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable construction.  I took liberties with the haiku as the theme is related to nature!


Trapped Behind the Veil (Haiku stanzas)

Trapped in fog-filled days

Rain saturates flesh and bone

Lassitude kills will


Brain soggy and dull

I float in this dreamland lull

Life behind the veil


Gray landscaped canvas

Deepest dark green grass gives hope

Bright-hued skies…..someday

For those affected by the weather sunny skies will come again.

Haiku: three line stanza in a 5-7-5 syllabic structure.  The theme is generally related to nature.