Amorous Sunrise (Symbi-Haiku)

A new day awaits

as Slumbrous beauty awakes;

Dawn breaks the tide of dark night.

Amorous sunrise–

stomach filled with butterflies;

a morning lovers’ delight


Symbi Type of PoemSymbi Background:: Symbi: is a poetry form where a poem is written within a poem in which there is a symbiotic relationship,…..hence the name Symbi. It is a six line (sestet) with syllable counts of 5/5/7/5/5/7. There is a haiku, senryu, or katauta written in the 1st line, 3rd line, and 5 line.

Picture: Fairy Dreams by Val Stokes

Elemental loss (Senryu)

Swirling turmoil
Life as I know it is gone
Elemental loss

A friend Memoirsofadragon, took a poetry workshop and had to write a poem in TWO minutes on the following topic:

When the air is unbreathable

And the water is undrinkable

And the land is intolerable, I will:

I decided that my life this week wasn’t stressful enough (LOL) and I should try this challenge. So I grabbed a timer, set my shoulders, and pressed the start button.
True to form, my philosophy of life kicked right in: When in doubt, FREAK OUT. Wow, I was stressed. Nothing. My head screamed “I’m in turmoil”!

A-ha. When in doubt, turn to haiku!
I am in turmoil

Now what? My head said, gracious, life as I know it is gone.

Life as I know it is gone.

Then, nothing. Utter silence. The seconds ticked by. And finally, the following summery gracefully appeared in front of my eyes:

Elemental loss

Five seconds left and I switched the first line to “swirling” and viola!  I am pretty happy with the results, it is raw and real and anguished.  Something I would definitely feel if my world had just ended.  And it mirrors my life right now, so I have a real connection to it.

Alopecia (Senryu)

Hair floats down like snow

Im a tree losing my leaves

Hibernation time

• ≈ •

I appear to be losing hair.  I brush and loads of it flits down to the ground.  I run my fingers through it and a handful is caught in my fingers.  Distressing!  Having once lost my hair to chemotherapy, I feel that once was enough.  I think the stress of my dad’s death has caught up with me.

Senryu: similar to Haiku in form but while Haiku has themes related to nature the Senryu highlights feelings and relationships