Broken Wings (Etheree)




thought envelops

frozen memory,

melting failed fairy dust.

No escape from locked despair.

Unblessed, troubled relationship;

these feelings screaming into dark night

as broken fairy wings…… surrender flight.

  ♦           ♦           ♦

Sometimes when current relationships are falling apart, one dreams of what one once had.  This was an attempt to describe my feelings on this topic.

Etheree Poetic Form: Consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


7 thoughts on “Broken Wings (Etheree)

    1. Yes, I thought it a good analogy to what I am feeling right now. I thought a fragile fairy was a good jumping point to a very different themed blog. Like sentientmouse.
      PS: Is there a story behind your blog name? It is so unique. But since your poetry is so polished and reflective and…meaningful, I am not surprised at the name!


      1. My blog’s name comes from a few interrelated ideas: In a former life, my biology degree landed me in research labs with mice and rats. I was too much of an animal lover to have survived that situation for long, so I eventually changed careers and became an information technology professional. Well, computer people use mice too, though they’re not as intelligent as the lab mice that I knew (and the lab rats were downright affectionate, contrary to popular belief).
        Anyway, combining my love of small rodents with my love of computers, I took the word “mouse” and made it something a little more than what you’d typically find connected to a PC – I envisioned it with self-awareness, assisting me with my writings – a friendly face keeping me company. And I just liked the sound of it when I said it: The Sentientmouse… It has a nice ring to it.
        Regarding my poetry, thank you so much for your kind descriptions. I’ve only been writing poetry for a couple of years, so it’s new enough to me that I feel some freedom experimenting with meter and construction. I’m amazed at how many ways you can rhyme words and just how many words there are that can rhyme with others. It’s a little addictive.


        1. Grrr….I replied and stupid WP glitches lost it…unless somehow you received half! Anyway, to try and repeat what I said, I was completely stunned with your explanation of your name. I stupidly thought it was a favorite mouse, although in hindsight, duh, I should have realized it was related to computers! I am computer challenged, so that is my excuse and I am hanging with it…..You should put your explanation on your about page–I would follow you just for the explanation. Yes, the rodent research is nauseating, and I wouldn’t survive either. I gently remove all spiders and release them outside. When cleaning my basement in another house, I found 32 and took 32 trips to what became my Spider Reclaimation Association! Yes, a little pathetic, but all creatures are created by God, and they have just as much right to be here. Sadly, ants cannot be saved….so the poor things go down the drain. I imagine a thriving ant colony in the pipes….I started poems last year following a surgery that damaged my language center. It is my therapy, and now instead of having a black wall when searching for a word, it does gradually come. I have written around 100 poems since I started, and each one is a triumph no matter how pathetic they are. I am amazed with the fantastic poets I have found on WP. One of my favorites has experimented with all forms of poetry and has a link for them. I have tried shadorma, tanka, Fibonacci and so many more! While poetry cannot ever fully express my mood, even the shadow of it is enough. Yours is very thoughtful, and it is obvious you take a lot of time over it. I am the 5-20 minute poet. When I get the idea, viola, it writes itself. Although it shows 🙂 I will warn you that this new blog is dark as I am sliding hard into bipolar depression. Just a warning. Hopefully therapy for me. My other blog is pre-posted out to October, so while I have some very funny posts coming up, it isn’t ME right now. Oh, gracious this is long! I begin typing and words fly out….hence MY title…Repressed expressions…..


  1. Kira

    My first reaction was to tell the fairy that she will fly again! Etheree is one of my favorite poetry forms. You can tell a story in a poem 🙂


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