Rekindling the Flame

In prophesy, the love of many will grow cold

yet I watch in silence as hate unfolds

for this heart, lukewarm, does weakly beat

and blood congeals with lack of heat.

I hear the words that pastor speaks

as I sit, frozen, week after week

and through it all I dutifully pray

for there must be a better way.

For apathy is a road to hell

and paves our souls in a concrete shell!

This apathy state, once fortold

is what makes our hearts grow cold.

 I think of others who, in secret, worship You

 in persecution , yet remain faithful and true.

These great warriors in battle,  in constant danger

boldly share Christ’s message to strangers .

 While we fatten ourselves on our free Christian feast,

yet hide Jesus’ message like lean ferrel beasts,

gorging on fast-food religion for health

our Bibles hoarded, unread on our shelf.

Our country is “free” but God’s light poorly glows!

Harvesting souls for Christ?  Boring and slow!

Off-shore banks stuffed with earthly wealth

as gluttony lulls us with languid stealth.

Oh Lord, sweep out the ashes from a fire now cold!

Rekindle our flame for your message untold!

Give us zeal to witness in tones loud and bold:

“Jesus our Saviour has  broken sin’s hold!

Jesus our Savior has broken sin’s hold!”

I support Open Doors, an international Christian organization dedicated to fighting persecution and assisting persecuted Christians.  Persecution is rampant and, in some areas of the world, near complete genocide.  I know this is not told in the news, but it is real and very frightening for anyone of faith.  No matter your religion, annihilating one group is a step toward annihilating yours.  The Bible prophesied mass persecution of Christians in the final Last Days, yet another sign that the time is near.  The Bible prophesied that the love of many will grow cold.

For those of us who still enjoy religious freedom, hold it precious for it is fleeting and will slip away before you know it.  The best defense is prayer and evangelism.  The elect are still out there waiting to be told the Good News.

Apathy is a gate to the road of hate.

Make a Forlorn Fairy Smile

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