Stroke (Fibonacci)

sultry skin
as lashes flicker;
Sensual butterfly kisses
dip and dive into my intimate body parts.
Moaning, this torturous caress conflagrates tickled nerves into a phoenix re-born

What can I say?  A “hot” poem for a “hot” summer night…….   🙂

Fibonacci:  a non-rhyming poem structured with the Fibonacci sequence (0 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 etc).  Fibonacci sequence is adding the two prior numbers together to get the new number.   If one starts at “zero” then the first two lines are single syllable. Most poems stop at 13 syllables for the last line.  

Amorous Sunrise (Symbi-Haiku)

A new day awaits

as Slumbrous beauty awakes;

Dawn breaks the tide of dark night.

Amorous sunrise–

stomach filled with butterflies;

a morning lovers’ delight


Symbi Type of PoemSymbi Background:: Symbi: is a poetry form where a poem is written within a poem in which there is a symbiotic relationship,…..hence the name Symbi. It is a six line (sestet) with syllable counts of 5/5/7/5/5/7. There is a haiku, senryu, or katauta written in the 1st line, 3rd line, and 5 line.

Picture: Fairy Dreams by Val Stokes

Worlds Apart (Etheree)



Heart woven

Eyes linked to page

Half a world away

Two sides of an earth mold

Our minds dance intricately

Passion spikes with instant response

Words fly through arterial web flow 

You are my Q-R-S; I am your T


Our words reach through untold miles. A loved one can be half a world away yet so close to ones’ heart.

Etheree poem: 10 lines, each syllable increases by one starting with one syllable (or 10 if going the other way).