Distraction Attraction


Our electronic life, so full of attraction!

All worldly wonders now a click away.

When gone, panic is our first reaction;

Each minute like hours without our “play”.


Time now filled with manic distraction

with little of it left to be quiet and pray.

We don’t realize the actual fraction

withdrawn from time with God every day.


Beware, Satan’s title is  “Lord of the Air”!

He controls this seductive electronic parade

and flies with glib glee on every air wave,

tainting hearts that could otherwise be saved.


We blindly feast on our entertainment crave

as his media slithers down the evil grade.

With sly patience he addicts the TV slave’s;

Brainwashed, few see what he has made.

He is the master of lies; we have been played.


Wake up and listen to every word said!

“Background noise” allows him in;

He is whispering his lies into your head

and tempting even the strongest to sin.


I used to think that technology and devices werent inherantly evil, but I am starting to think otherwise, as they have no inherant moral compass and tends to lead Christians away from spending time with the Lord and others.  Reading Christian blogs is not spending time with the Lord and others.  Yes, I am using a blog to encourage you to get off of it and spend time with the Lord and others!  I see the irony!

In my own life, I must be ever vigilant that Satan will do all he can to distract and cause me to spend less time in worship and prayer and more time in fruitless pursuits.  I used to be a devoted gamer, but I realized that I had to put my faith and morals in the backseat in order to take on the role of mage or healer etc and perform lawless acts in order to get good stuff.  That mirrors what Satan wants to do in reality.  And what one practices will infiltrate one’s mind, either in indifference or outright rebellion to God’s authority and rule.  These last few months have allowed many to re-focus on neglected parts of their life.  I hope you have had some time to do this for yourself.

So I will try, and I hope you will think about who or what is driving you in your own life. 

And God Bless Us, Everyone.



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