Passion in Gethsemane

The poem below imagines Jesus’ prayer to His Heavenly Father asking God to take the upcoming suffering away from Him.  I can’t imagine the wrenching pain this separation caused to Our Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Son but I know it was a singular event that became the bridge that is our only connection back to Jehovah.  I hope you have a blessed Good Friday and remember Jesus’ great sacrifice for us.

Oh Father, take this cup from me

My dearest Son, you will set mankind free.

Father may Your Will be done….

You will knit the breach, my Son

Father, My tears fall like bloody rain!

I cannot bear the spiritual pain

and I am afraid, this body so frail.

My Son, you will not fail!

Your sacrifice is the final end

and a perfect, permanent mend.

Is there no other way?

Keep the faith dear Son, do not stray.

I will do as you command.

Soon, by My right hand you will stand.


The burdensome sin of man

almost breaks me. Please hold my hand.

But at some point I must let you go.

Leaving me will tear my soul you know,

for we have never been apart.

Turning my back will break my heart!

But have faith my Son, this will soon be done.

And I will hold you close when we have won.

Satan’s hold on earth will break;

hold on for our creation’s sake.

You will free them from their sin!

Your sacrifice the final, perfect win.

Make a Forlorn Fairy Smile

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