Drip Drop

Drip drip drop I have nasal showers;
 it’s really not embarrassing at all

Drip drip drop this flow is powered
similar to the flow of Nigeria falls 🙂

Drip drip drop and the allergic flowers
haven’t even made their first seasonal call

Drip drip drop it flows hour by hour;
 I look like I’m having a really huge bawl

Drip drip drop as I wipe and scour;
my skin is growing red-ripe and raw!

I wrote this a long time ago (loosely to the childhood tune of “Drip, Drip, Drop”) when I was having some allergies in Springtime, but I thought that anyone right now with viral symptoms could appreciate a little lighthearted fun.  Be well, everyone.

Make a Forlorn Fairy Smile

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