O, Christmas Free

I  wish that Christmas could be free:

Free to be “unshared” with a glittery tree

Free of the capitalistic piece of pie

Free of a percentage of the GNP


I wish that Christians could be free:

Free to view Christmas with “unglittered” eyes

Free of unhappy, whiny, give me cries

Free to allow pagan traditions to die


I wish that “unchristian” eyes could  see:

See Jesus’ Shining Light despite Satan’s lies

See the miraculous birth meant to be

See that there are two kinds of trees


I wish, from this Season of Giving, the following three:

A world where people are healthy without need

A world where freedom is our primary creed

A world wide with hope and harmony


And one last finality: I wish for each of you the following three:

For life dreams to be granted and magnified.

For your heart to be full and free of sighs

For love to reign without greed

Make a Forlorn Fairy Smile

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