Ode to the Burp We Slurp

Fame comes in many forms
(to the few who persevere)
but to those who burp beyond the norm
its disgusting to nose and ear
These gustatory eruptions
with a mouthful of flow
give rise to facial disruption
and hands waved to and fro.
Some people have raised
burps to a fine art
reciting alphabetical letters…..
punctuated by juicy farts.
The language of burps
(usually ending in “ps”
like “arp”, “blahp” and “lurp”)
is a Boon to language indeed.
While burping is a function
attributed to manly noise
it raises snickers to a new level
when delivered with grace and poise.
So feel free to expel with flair
and create a burp with musical motif
go on get some room down there
and a stomachfull of sweet relief!
While humor poems are not normally good poetry, I have a fondness for lighthearted poke that only the humor ode can provide.