Wishful Thinking (Ya-Du)

Can time unwind?

In my mind‘s eye

a kinder fate

two soul mates meld;

a state yearned for….yet withheld….

≈  ♣  ≈

It is common to feel that one has “missed the boat” by “settling” down early with someone who, later on, doesnt “Feel” like a soul mate.

The Ya-Du is a very difficult poetic form.  This is an easy representation of the syllabic count and required rhyme.  See if I did it correctly!

O. O. O. a.

O. O. a. O

O. a. O. b

O. O. b. c.

O. b. O. O. O. O. O. O. c. [but can have 5, 7, 9 or 11]