Vermillion Love (Free Verse)

 My cracked lips stretch

to meet your rainbow smiles,

a dried rubber band,

unpliant and resistant

to the winsome curves

of your vermillion mouth.


My parched throat seizes

as your perfect lips tick upward,

and my name carpets your tongue,

joined as one to your breath,

as you graciously acknowledge

my insolvent existence.

My heart, woefully woven

with shards of broken experiences,

flutters to the thrum of your approach.

You pass by on that whisper of wind,

my name hanging in the air

as, snockered by your virility,

 I bow my head in pain….

Another piercing shard

 drives its way home.


To all the lost moments and all the heart piercing shards….

Butterfly Kisses

I lace your skin

with butterfly kisses.

Sweeping nose and chin,

this innocent, intimate bliss

flicks shivers along wakeful nerves.

Intricate patterns emerge as each stroke

licks along musky, brawny contours,

for these sweetest of kisses evoke

ticklish thrills through your core

as I sweep in crisscrossed lines.

We join with sensuous rapport;

my mouth  ravenously dines

until your finest wine spurts forth.


Look for the image…..


Shattered (Pleiades)

She airs out hidden rooms;
soul tarnished dreams waft by–
sorrowful, dusty eyes-
sightless, sun-deprived orbs!
Stain-vintage hopes, forlorn;
sibilant whispers taunt.
Shattered, she shuts the door….

Contentment begins when one can accept where one is NOW, forget about what one COULD do, and wholeheartedly focus on what one CAN do, with no regrets.

I am not content.  I cannot forget what I have lost.  I am trapped in a body that is failing me.   I feel this most intensely, and therefore most bitterly, when I am on vacation.  Then, what I cannot do swallows me whole.

Anymore, my idea of a vacation is getting up when I am ready and spending time on a shaded recliner listening to the waves with a great smutty romance novel and a fruity alcoholic drink.  Pretty tame.

I recently was coerced into going to Arizona.  And I spent most of the vacation in our suite.  I cannot be out in the direct sun for more than 15 minutes before getting burned.  I also get fevers and feel terrible in the sun if out too long.  I have a congenital problem with my ear, which has led to chonic dizziness and vertigo, so any activity requiring balance is curtailed.  Furthermore, I have grade 4 neuropathy damage from chemo, a terrible curse.  My entire body is numb with burning pain, but if affects my feet the most, and my gait is unsteady on anything other than flat ground.  Recently I have developed severe tendonitis in both arms.  Any activity, even the simplest, is very difficult.  Combing my hair, showering, dressing, even holding a cup makes me want to cry.   My legs swell painfully if I am upright for any length to the point where I can leave my fingerprints all up and down my calves from the retained fluid.  I wont even mention the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.  I have other issues but these are keeping me from doing all but simple walking.  It appears that I skipped “middle age” entirely; I am quite simply….old.

Watching my family leave me every day for balloon rides, horseback riding, tomcar riding, shooting blah blah has led me to feeling pretty useless.

I am generally more cheerful and accepting and I have a biting, self-deprecating sense of humor.  But my work-life balance has been heavy on the side of work and non-existant on the side of balance. Last June my unit fell apart and I had to leave my part time status and work 12 plus hours a day.  No time for blogs, no thought for creativity and I have physically fallen apart even worse than before.

True to my resilience, I returned to this poetry blog during vacation and in some measure it did soothe my sore, downtrodden soul.  I have missed writing…so much…..

Thank you for reading……

Pleiades: Title is one word.  All first words start with the same letter as the title.  There are 7 lines, each 6 syllables!  Some poets copy the title as the first word of the first line, I chose to put it as the first word of the last line.

Gaze (Etheree)




Glistening lights

hidden in the depths;

Earnest perception dawns!

Riveted to umber orbs–

circling the event horizon–

Transfixed moments of understanding….

conjoined ephemeral intimacy……

∞   ≈ ♥≈   ∞

This poem demonstrates my ability to write a beautiful mess of BS.  Must be my Scotch-Irish heritage!  But, like George, “I cannot tell a lie”.  The REAL story behind this lovely poem is not at all romantic and a whole lot of horrifying:

Last week I  went to Arizona for vacation.  [More on that in another post!]  I found myself packed in the aisle of an airplane with barely enough room to take a deep breath.  For some reason the line was at a standstill.  I don’t do standstill very well, so to cope I went into a semi-trance for an unknown length of time.  Was it seconds?  Minutes?  All I know is that I came to a gradual awareness that my gaze was transfixed on a person.  A man with an olive-gray ball cap.  I felt like I was waking up from a dream as his eyes slowly swam into clear focus.

“Wow!” thought I, “now THAT is eye candy….what gorgeous eyes….”

I slowly roamed over his face, appreciating the finer points while I was stuck like a sardine in the line, my thoughts something like ” He ROCKS that beard.  Wait, what am I saying, I hate beards!  But darn, he should be a beard model….I’ll call him………… Mr Munchtastic!” 🙂

Now I was a little puzzled, because this isn’t me at all, so I was curious as to why I was reacting in such an unusual manner.  The words of this etheree poem began to pleasantly percolate…..

Wait, something isn’t right.  A wave of confusion washed over me, and I felt my eyes get sucked back into his.  He was staring back, a little smile on his face….like he knew me….HUH?

Weird how sometimes recognition comes in a slow trickle, but seconds later I felt my eyes start to bug out at him with dawning horror.

“Do I KNOW those eyes?”  (Um, I think it’s time to BLINK now!)

“Yikes, I DO know those eyes!”

“Oh gracious I am ogling Dr C!  And I think he knows it! AHHH!”

What to do? What to do?  I was still sucked into this gaze that I couldn’t break and I could feel sweat trickling down the back of my neck.

“Ok, focus! Does he recognize me?  OMG I think he DOES!  AHHHH!!”

Plan of attack needed!  Cheeky Smile?  No?  Finger wave?  No?  Wink at him? Well, maybe in my young hot days, lol!

By this time I was in a panic.  There was no way I could say a casual “hi” and not act like an idiot.   So the cowardly way out presented itself with a whispered  “Pretend you didn’t see him….”

“That’s so rude!  I couldn’t!  Dr C is ‘da bomb’ and  the nicest doc in our hospital!  He helps the kids in my unit so much!……. Plus I am glued to his eyeballs; how would I extricate myself?”

Just slide your eyes casually over his hat then keep sliding them up….”

And I did just that.  I am such a doofus……

Now how do I act when I see him next?  “Sorry my eyes were not behaving themselves Dr C?”



Etheree poem: 10 lines, each syllable increases by one starting with one syllable (or 10 if going the other way).