Lifetrails (Cyhydedd Hir)


Verdant forest trails,
follow hill and dale
to vistas unveiled;
Lifepaths unwrapped.

Rugged cliffs to scale.
Choice, push on or bail;
continue or fail?
Lifecourse unmapped.


The Cyhydedd Hir, is a Welsh poetry form.

Here is the format for writing a Cyhydedd Hir:
It is an octave stanza (8 lines) made up of two quatrains (4 lines). The syllable count is 5-5-5-4-5-5-5-4 and the rhyming scheme is aaaBaaaB. If you do more than two quatrains the rhyming scheme would be as follows: aaaBaaaBcccDcccD. The five syllable lines all have the same end rhyme and the four syllable lines carry the second rhyme pattern from stanza to stanza.