Once there were Dragons

Since the Dawn of Time, universal legends told

of a mighty fearsome creature, called Dragon in every tale.

Was this legendary creature once alive, its’ fiery breath now cold?

Gossamer webbed wings, iridescent scales;

Ruler of God’s created Beasts.

Fearsome fiery breath, sharply barbed tail;

Now cursed, hated, you slither among the least.

Stripped of all you possess, your unearned fall!

Satan’s cruel lie used your beauty and grace;

Your permanent loss suffered by man most of all.

Now a product of legend, your fearsome form and face

live in legend memory, drawn on ancient walls.

Though stolen by the Great Lie, your majesty earns your place.

Mighty Dragon, greatest Beast in all Creation!

Struck down by Adam’s sin.

Cursed creature, stripped from all nations;

now a slithering serpent kin.

Known for your words, intelligent and wise,

Satan used your form, doppleganger in your skin,

to delusion innocence and open their eyes.

We mourn your loss, stripped by God’s curse,

Victim of the Father of Lies.

My imaginings lead me to what the Great Serpent of the Bible was. This poem imagines that it was the great and mighty dragon, stripped of his glory when Satan used his image to tempt Eve.

Picture: wakpaper.com

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