eX Poetry–eXtricate Life

eXcrement on your tongue
eXcise frosted memories
eXtricated relationship
eXalt found freedom
eXtringuish yearned lost love

My amazing friend  from Kirstin Uninterrupted is writing a poem a day for April poetry month and is using a new poetry form each day alphabetically.  She could not find any poetry form for X so challenged guru poet from Memoirs of a Dragon to create one. True to his genius, he “whipped up” an X poetry form!  Here are the rules, as quoted by the Dragon Himself:
“Since ‘X’ is the 24th letter in the alphabet, and it is also a perfect multiplier of 2, 3 and 4 the number of words in each line should be ascending and then descending….
2 or 4
4 or 2
2 or 4
So that when you go up or down, to the middle, it multiplies out to .. 24!
2x3x4 = 24
4x3x2 = 24
And there must be 5 lines…so a nice little ‘hidden’ sequence of 2,3,4,5 all in a nice short poem! Ah, the math teacher in me … emerges!! LOL!
And to make it a bit more interesting, the ‘HEART’ of the poem, which are the middle 2 words of the ‘heart’ of the poem, should also be .. THE TITLE of the poem!
And by now, the hidden theme within the ‘X’ of the poem should reflect … an EX relationship, or as I might shyly title it….. ‘ eX Poetry’ with the capital letter, on the X, not the e!!!
And if possible, an optimistic ending, for ALL OF US who have experienced an ‘eX’ of any kind and truly need and want, to be optimistic about our futures.”

AWESOME job G! I loved creating this and I added a twist of my own–all first words must start with eX!  AND….it must look like an X!

11 thoughts on “eX Poetry–eXtricate Life

  1. You even beat me at my own post…eXcellent!!! LOL! I bow in eXcitement and will eXcavate something else! I do like how you used the capital X too! Will post mine shortly! And ironically, my taXes were done this afternoon! 🙂


    1. I almost fell over at the eXpedient reply 🙂 You must be catching up. So does the math major do his own taXes or does he give it over to “professionals”? Are you in the hole? I am a do it yourselfer! Programs these days make it ALMOST fun, if one likes numbers. And I broke even this year…grateful! What day is D-day for Canada…or were you behind in that too?


      1. Been a busy week! In fact, on lunch right now! And yes, catching up, and with some email from you tonight too! Ever since the breakup, I went to an accountant, and it has paid off …. HUGE ! Will tell you later…. ooops…don’t mean to do that …but this is … public! LOL! Ours has to be done by April end, but this year, Canada Revenue was HACKED through the Heartbleed thing, so a few extra days. But mine were in on time.


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