Alopecia (Senryu)

Hair floats down like snow

Im a tree losing my leaves

Hibernation time

• ≈ •

I appear to be losing hair.  I brush and loads of it flits down to the ground.  I run my fingers through it and a handful is caught in my fingers.  Distressing!  Having once lost my hair to chemotherapy, I feel that once was enough.  I think the stress of my dad’s death has caught up with me.

Senryu: similar to Haiku in form but while Haiku has themes related to nature the Senryu highlights feelings and relationships

8 thoughts on “Alopecia (Senryu)

  1. I am sad you are losing your hair but your haiku is well-written. Are you on any medication? I took Keppra for Epilepsy I lost enough hair to form my very own life-sized chewbacca. Since I’ve gotten off the medicine and went gluten free my hair is coming back (well I suppose it is mostly back since it has been a few years) but I admit I still check it a lot


    1. Yes I take loads and I never fully recovered from chemo. I am on chronic chemo for a disease I have, but low dose and no changes to the dose for quite some time. I am trying zinc, as zinc deficiency causes hair loss and increased infections and I have had three significant illnesses this month. Hoping zinc will help some! Else I will just shave it all off and show off my beautiful noggin–it is very well formed LOL.


        1. When I was bald as a nut from chemo friends would make me take off my hats and wigs to admire my skull. LOL I guess it is a good ‘un! I like angular skulls they are very interesting. I have a peanut head and I think I look terrible without hair, Im just not lumpy, hahahaha


    1. Ill just route through the trash and laundry fluff….LOL. Seriously, I thought of selling or giving away my loads of hair before chemo. I had scads of it, the darn stuff was a procession before me and after. I hated it back then but now I miss it. Isnt the grass always greener? Thank God that I had so much hair to lose or I would be bald! Now I look “normal” but feel weird. Although recently my new normal has NOT been normal and something is wrong…stress or recent illness can do it, so I hope it is temporary. At least it is still fluffy so I can fudge it when it is dry 🙂


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