Addiction (Triquain)

Thoughtless act

Greed, evil’s godless Whore

Drug-filled desire felled better judgement

Uncontrolled addictions reap years of pain

Action now tethered to consequence

Bitter pill swallowed whole

Felony Charge

My son is reaping what he has sown, and is banned from school for 180 days.  He stole some of my clonazapam and sold two of them at school.  He and the other boy were overheard discussing it by a teacher.  The police were called and Garin got a class A felony charge.

We meet with the school in two weeks to discuss home education.  I don’t yet know the judicial consequence of his actions.  We are meeting with a drug rehab program in two weeks to start therapy.  I think this is the start of a long, hard journey for him and our whole family.

Triquain: The Triquain, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem with several creative variances and can be a rhyming or non-rhyming verse. The simpliest form is a poem made up of 7 lines with 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, and 3 syllables in this order.

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