Black Friday (Senryu)

One day to think “Thanks”–

Bellies stuffed, chock full of food!

“Black Friday” nulls all.


Forgotten quickly

Fighting, angry throngs devour

First food, then sale aisles

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.

Addiction (Triquain)

Thoughtless act

Greed, evil’s godless Whore

Drug-filled desire felled better judgement

Uncontrolled addictions reap years of pain

Action now tethered to consequence

Bitter pill swallowed whole

Felony Charge

My son is reaping what he has sown, and is banned from school for 180 days.  He stole some of my clonazapam and sold two of them at school.  He and the other boy were overheard discussing it by a teacher.  The police were called and Garin got a class A felony charge.

We meet with the school in two weeks to discuss home education.  I don’t yet know the judicial consequence of his actions.  We are meeting with a drug rehab program in two weeks to start therapy.  I think this is the start of a long, hard journey for him and our whole family.

Triquain: The Triquain, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem with several creative variances and can be a rhyming or non-rhyming verse. The simpliest form is a poem made up of 7 lines with 3, 6, 9, 12, 9, 6, and 3 syllables in this order.


Im falling into

a deep abyss,

blind blackness

smothering my air.

My hold loosens

on fairys’ golden thread,

my hands slipping

toward it’s visible end.

I release,

as burning pain

breaks my hold….

Free falling,

I cannot touch the sides

as I bullet

down the abyss

toward Misery’s black hole.

To slow downward spiral…

To grasp the golden rope…

To see glowing light….

To fly upward

with gossamer wings……

∞ π ∞

Sometimes I feel like I am free falling into a black hole…….


Granted Wishes (Fibonacci)




Heaven sent

Unseasoned restart

Unblemished with impunity

Spiritual anchor from climacteric thoughts

 God-breathed sentient life, a finite, tenuous, existence; fractured soul now restored

 ≈ ◊ ≈

It is my greatest hope that my troubled son will come to know the love and peace that only salvation in Jesus brings.  This is my prayer for him.

Fibonacci:  a non-rhyming poem structured with the Fibonacci sequence (0 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 etc).  Fibonacci sequence is adding the two prior numbers together to get the new number.   If one starts at “zero” then the first two lines are single syllable. Most poems stop at 13 syllables for the last line.  


Worlds Apart (Etheree)



Heart woven

Eyes linked to page

Half a world away

Two sides of an earth mold

Our minds dance intricately

Passion spikes with instant response

Words fly through arterial web flow 

You are my Q-R-S; I am your T


Our words reach through untold miles. A loved one can be half a world away yet so close to ones’ heart.

Etheree poem: 10 lines, each syllable increases by one starting with one syllable (or 10 if going the other way).

Fatigue (Pleides)

Fatigue….. my fatal friend

   Forged from spirit rended

  Feeble fight weakly fends

  Failed anchor drifts again

          Forlorn thoughts must amend

        Faith empowers….thoughts transcend

          Frail mind will someday mend


Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences soul rending fatigue .  Thoughts drift towards dark hopelessness.  Yet there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.  I know that Faith and Prayer can change my heart when it is full with aching sadness.

“F” words make for great pleides.  I have grown to appreciate them through cognitive testing, as one of the tests is to see how many “f” words  I can say in one minute.  At first, my mind just wouldn’t give me any, other then the overused “fuuuuuuuccccckkkk”, which ran around and around my mind as I struggled for “furniture” and “flower”.  Ever determined, I decided to study “F” words for poetic forms.  And that, coupled with my mood on the day of creation, made this poem.  I was successful in finding “f” words appropriate for the start of this poetic form, AND I was able to rhyme a pleides, not easy to do (!), so silver linings are intact and beautiful!  Although…don’t ask me to find another word that ends in, well,  END!

Stolen (Etheree)



priceless art–

a dreamers’ ache—

Antiquity sold

stings like venomous asp!

Treacherys’ stolen repose….

Forgiveness curdles my stomach

as I vomit out expletives!

Generations raped from my stewards’ grasp.

I wrote a series of poems following a devastating robbery.  This poem describes my feelings after losing a family heirloom entrusted to me.

Etheree Poetic Form: 10 line stanza, each line increasing the syllable by 1.


Prayer (Loop)

This singed, broken heart;

Heart once fully yours, Oh Lord!

Lord, forgive my sinful part;

Part long forged over time.

Time now forever lost;

Lost souls my greatest crimes.

Crimes heavy with eternal cost…

My sins weigh upon me at times and I experience deep regret.  God’s forgiveness is eternal and absolute, even if mine is not.

Loop Poem: the last word of the line must be the first word of the next line.