Tossed Away (Etheree)

Years of Loyalty, Plans for Future Bliss

Tossed Away with Scribbled Note

Rudderless Unravelled Life Plan

Benumbed Pain Slumbers Within

Swallowing Throat-Ached Tears

Holding Passions’ Grip

This Memory


Longed for


I had a devastating event a long time ago.  My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up with me by letter, throwing me into suicidal depression.  While we have forgiven each other, now and then the pain resurfaces.  This poem releases some of the pain in poetic form.

6 thoughts on “Tossed Away (Etheree)

    1. Thanks gracious teacher! I often read stuff that I have written the day before and think, “did I really write that?” You of all people know what is behind it all. What, a real gravatar? What is it? 🙂


    1. Time heals but hearts remember….I delved into a rather devastating heartbreak in my past that forever changed me. And I think that only persons who have experience this can appreciate; otherwise it sounds a bit melodramatic 🙂


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